” i didn`t wanted to be a businessman”

IMG_1762The words of Yvon Choinard rings loud and clear, businessman was never the dream or the goal. But he became and are one of the best the world have seen.

What seperates him with all the others is not the way of marketing, the way of supporting athletes, there is a lot of clothing companys doing that.

What really divides him from the rest is that he walks his talk.

For example when he after seeing what happened to the habitat around were they were growing cotton for their clothes, this was in the middle 90`s.
He gave himself 18 months to turn that around and only make clothes with organic cotton or they would not do cotton clothing no more.

How many would do that? H & M, Gant, GAP? not a chance! Money is the key, the only key for these company┬┤s. They might say something else, like ” we are extremly proud of our way to incorparate green thinking in our way when we make our clothes” And then you turn around and see their factorys pouring out chemical waste straight were people live.

This is the future, it is here, we change the future in the present! In the decision we make now.
I mean, how do you want to sleep? How will you see yourself in the mirror? Can you look your grandchildren in the eyes and say ” i did the best i could”

Yvon is a billionare! There is no contradiction between being successful and doing right.
They can work hand in hand!

Yvon, thank you for showing the way & the book is an must read for not only businnes people but for any human being!