How to always Win

Today everything almost gets measured! Who has the most followers on Twitter, most friends on FB, best +/- on the ice, most goals in a year and so on!

Almost everything that get´s measured is a that is a result outside yourself. But the greatest has  always worked on what they can affect to a 100 %, themselves!

John Wooden, a legendary basketcoach in USA once said, ” you will win when you play bad, and you will lose when you play great. It is not how it goes that matters, it is how you play everyday that counts in the long run”

Great line that show the importance of character & focus on what you can affect to a 100 % everyday!

To know what you do great and what to improve you can do this simple practise, either on a big case, a game or on a  meeting.

Three times What


  • What did I do great today at/on …….?
  • What can I improve?
  • What did I learn?

Now the crucial about this is that you can not answer an result or an tecnique.

A golfer can´t answer that his or her sving felt great. An CEO or an employee can´t answer a result, we raised our sales with 6 %.

Why, because we want to focus on what you can take responsibility to a 100 % and that´s yourself!



Focus is so rare this days of constant reaction on what is happening around us. We have an abundance of technology around us to help us communicate. But the simple art of looking the person in the eyes as we speak to one another seems rare this days.

The apps that are here to help us is great stuff, our challenge is to use it the right way and when it is the right time. We need to close the cellphones, Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media you are on so that our brains can rest and create.

Recreation is necessary, but wathing TV isn´t recreation, it is distrction and thats fine but it is not resting for the brain. Taking a walk in nature is.

So start being present, turn of the device once a day at least and be present. Rest your mind!