” i didn`t wanted to be a businessman”

IMG_1762The words of Yvon Choinard rings loud and clear, businessman was never the dream or the goal. But he became and are one of the best the world have seen.

What seperates him with all the others is not the way of marketing, the way of supporting athletes, there is a lot of clothing companys doing that.

What really divides him from the rest is that he walks his talk.

For example when he after seeing what happened to the habitat around were they were growing cotton for their clothes, this was in the middle 90`s.
He gave himself 18 months to turn that around and only make clothes with organic cotton or they would not do cotton clothing no more.

How many would do that? H & M, Gant, GAP? not a chance! Money is the key, the only key for these company´s. They might say something else, like ” we are extremly proud of our way to incorparate green thinking in our way when we make our clothes” And then you turn around and see their factorys pouring out chemical waste straight were people live.

This is the future, it is here, we change the future in the present! In the decision we make now.
I mean, how do you want to sleep? How will you see yourself in the mirror? Can you look your grandchildren in the eyes and say ” i did the best i could”

Yvon is a billionare! There is no contradiction between being successful and doing right.
They can work hand in hand!

Yvon, thank you for showing the way & the book is an must read for not only businnes people but for any human being!

Zoooom Out

When the corona crisis hit us with ful force a couple of weeks back i EU it showed how vulnerable  we are. The whole world today is connected not just in the www but in economy, social, travelling and the natur even do we think we can control it all.

We got to turn around and walk the other way or a new way anyway.
There can´t be 20% growth all year long, the nature don´t hold up, we as people won´t hold up and we can´t solve that by shopping Mr Bush.

I believe in free markest but not this way. If everything has to go fast it will not stick.
All things worth working for that will hold up for more than a year or two takes time.

So zooom out, look at the bigger picture, why are we were we are? Why do react like we do? What can i do today to take it one step to a better place?

Look back in history, we have done most of the mistakes we keep on doing, read, learn & do it right.

Hugs from Gothenburg

Gothenburg- My city of ruins

This is not as bad as it may sound and not even close to the title from Bruce Springsteens song ” My city of Ruins” , the song written close after 9/11.

But, in my hometown it is not a plane crashing in to buildings by terrorists that destroys it, it is a slow progress of constant building in the name of infrastructure so that we can get a more efficient city for business, or just being busy. Is it the same?

When i look around, i see people just so stressed out, not happy, not smiling, myself the same sometimes.
This week my oldest boy who is soon to be 14 has 5 exams in school, i mean, how can you plan this bad as a teacher?? Well more is better, isn’t it:-) Most times not!

More and more people around the western world is stressed out, don’t have time they say and the cost is relationship to people and to themselves, it is cost is medical care for people that have stopped to listen to their bodies.
I mean, if i run like hell on a football pitch but in the wrong direction, is it still good?

We need to rethink, for thousands of years we humans have been in nature, eaten around the fire, talked and make a living of and by nature.
I am not against progress, quite the opposite, but is progress more damage on nature & people for getting the new car every 18-24 months? Or eating food that is toxicated by crap and another test at school, more is better:-)

We maybe more educated, but we are definitely not smarter or wiser.

So my take on this has always been, I work to support and have a good life, not the other way around. I like to make profits from my company and from investments, but the price must be ok. When i work with people and companies, when they set Goals it has to go through 5 steps to be ok.

Mental health- sound thoughts, emotions
Physical health-sleep, exercise, food etc
Social life-Relationships- to yourself and others
Environment- small ( family/ job/ close ) & the world
Economic- private and business

If you can’t set a CHECK to all 5 the risk is that it won’t hold.

So build and take care of whatever city, body or relationship you are in. Stand up for what you believe in and set your actions in line with this.

Be smart and wise and use your education otherwise it is just waste of your time and money.

Off social media

I have a hate/love relationship with social media. I think it is fantastic how we can reach each other, send photos, get updated with our friends on the other side of the globe ( we can by Skype as well ) , we can build a business from Instagram and Pinterest.

On the other side i see a lot of problem in my work with mostly social media.
People compare them self to much to others, the try to catch up with everybody and everyone. They get analysed by the behaviour programmer in the back of Instagram and starts to get commercial that they don´t want. Waaaayyy to much information so our brains can´t unwind after a long day.

For me, social media creates more of the second part then the first. My stress level goes up straight away as i use social media, i get less connected with the person in front of me and i compare myself way to much with others.

So today i take away the apps on the phone, still have Twitter and Instagram accounts but i will be off them for awhile and then we will se.

A carpenter that will hammer away when with friends at a dinner table we would call crazy but the person who emails to their work att the same time is produktive.
Both uses their tool don´t they?

4 Things that create the madness in the world

For a long while i have spun my head around something called common sense. This have as long as i now ( 43 years old/young ) right now always been passed  from the generation before down to the younger ones. Of course as social media explodes and internet as we know it most of the ” common sense” will come from other people then those around us. This could go all over the place from great to horrible.
Especially for the teenagers who is in all the chaos inside as it is already. And they live on/in the internet…

So what is common sense? To me it is for example, and i don´t always succeed with this:-
– Hold the door for the person behind me
– Put the blinker out before I turn in traffic
– Look people in the eyes when I talk or listen to them
– I don´t have hidden agendas

In my world these things are still true but it is not in the big world as i see it anymore.

I have thought about why it is so?

4 things things that i think creates madness right now:
# Information
# Sugar
# Stress
# Online

Information has exploded, today an adult get about the same information in 1-2 years time that 2 generations back got in a lifetime, and most is crap by the way.

Sugar is in everything, it is almost impossible to buy something in a regular store without sugar in it.  I love cookies, don´t get me wrong, but there is a reason why ayurveda teachers have sugar on a rock in their office, it will make a whole in the rock over time.
I used Coke to clean my beryllium copper golf clubs when i was younger, sorry but it doesn’t work on your teeth.

Stress, everything, and i mean everything is supposed to get maxed out. Vacations, training, relationships, sex, meeting and the list goes on…..

Online,  the 24/7 online possibility and that more and more stuff gets connected creates the most stress i think. The feeling of getting owned by your “smartphone” is high with most people i meet.

In my work with companies, top athletes & your regular guy i see that these 4 thing creates an “offline” mode, they are not there when most needed. There but not focused.
The reptile brain will always win when it feels like it needs to. You get reactive, stress level goes upp, fear of missing out explodes and the circle will continue.

The answer for this is also all over the place on the internet, if i could give you one advise, go “inside”and listen to yourself for once instead of the gigantic stream outside. JUST LISTEN TO YOURSELF!