Mikael Persson

Mikael Persson offers you to develop people / organizations to reach their full potential. Everything starts with yourself , whether you are a manager, working as a cleaner , consultant or as a hockey player !

Leadership is to show the way , that’s the difference that makes the difference . It is to be able to see yourself in the mirror before you go to bed. In this turbulent times around the world there is att huge leverage opportunity.
When you build your life around your principles and values, set clear goals and give your subconcius mind the image of your choosing instead of whats coming from the outside, then your “Google” will start to work for you instead of against some of the days and with some of the days.

Mikael Persson has over 15 years had its focus on developing people in the field of Personal Leadership / Coaching and currently works as a personal coach in leadership for a number of companies throughout the Nordic region, with tour players in golf as well as professional hockey players and mentoring young people who needs help through difficult times in their life and to give them tools so they can expand as human beings.

About Mikael

I am a 46 year young man from Gothenburg. Sport has been an incredibly big part of my life. Started playing football with my big brother’s football team when I was 2 years old , hockey came into the picture when I was 5 years old and golf when I was 7 years old.

From early teens , I was privileged to be able to work with Kjell Enhager ( mentally) , Hans Weinhöfner (golf coach ) , Lars-Erik Uneståhl ( mentally) and Leif Boork ( ice hockey ) .

This has shaped me into who I am today . Who you are will always be more important than what you  perform and that doesn’t mean that  i don’t want to be world class just that the human being behind it is the most important.. Self-confidence can go up and down, self-esteem is the foundation that you and I are standing on through out life.

Today I work as a leadership consultant ,  with personal development in organisations , as a mentor and going to school studying to become a psychotherapist.

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