Zoooom Out

When the corona crisis hit us with ful force a couple of weeks back i EU it showed how vulnerable  we are. The whole world today is connected not just in the www but in economy, social, travelling and the natur even do we think we can control it all.

We got to turn around and walk the other way or a new way anyway.
There can´t be 20% growth all year long, the nature don´t hold up, we as people won´t hold up and we can´t solve that by shopping Mr Bush.

I believe in free markest but not this way. If everything has to go fast it will not stick.
All things worth working for that will hold up for more than a year or two takes time.

So zooom out, look at the bigger picture, why are we were we are? Why do react like we do? What can i do today to take it one step to a better place?

Look back in history, we have done most of the mistakes we keep on doing, read, learn & do it right.

Hugs from Gothenburg

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