Off social media

I have a hate/love relationship with social media. I think it is fantastic how we can reach each other, send photos, get updated with our friends on the other side of the globe ( we can by Skype as well ) , we can build a business from Instagram and Pinterest.

On the other side i see a lot of problem in my work with mostly social media.
People compare them self to much to others, the try to catch up with everybody and everyone. They get analysed by the behaviour programmer in the back of Instagram and starts to get commercial that they don´t want. Waaaayyy to much information so our brains can´t unwind after a long day.

For me, social media creates more of the second part then the first. My stress level goes up straight away as i use social media, i get less connected with the person in front of me and i compare myself way to much with others.

So today i take away the apps on the phone, still have Twitter and Instagram accounts but i will be off them for awhile and then we will se.

A carpenter that will hammer away when with friends at a dinner table we would call crazy but the person who emails to their work att the same time is produktive.
Both uses their tool don´t they?

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