How to always Win

Today everything almost gets measured! Who has the most followers on Twitter, most friends on FB, best +/- on the ice, most goals in a year and so on!

Almost everything that get´s measured is a that is a result outside yourself. But the greatest has  always worked on what they can affect to a 100 %, themselves!

John Wooden, a legendary basketcoach in USA once said, ” you will win when you play bad, and you will lose when you play great. It is not how it goes that matters, it is how you play everyday that counts in the long run”

Great line that show the importance of character & focus on what you can affect to a 100 % everyday!

To know what you do great and what to improve you can do this simple practise, either on a big case, a game or on a  meeting.

Three times What


  • What did I do great today at/on …….?
  • What can I improve?
  • What did I learn?

Now the crucial about this is that you can not answer an result or an tecnique.

A golfer can´t answer that his or her sving felt great. An CEO or an employee can´t answer a result, we raised our sales with 6 %.

Why, because we want to focus on what you can take responsibility to a 100 % and that´s yourself!


One thought on “How to always Win

  1. Hej Mikael! Vill tacka dig för en trevlig pratstund i den eviga väntan på centralen och för att du var vänlig nog att påpeka att mitt tåg skulle gå om sex minuter! Hade du inte gjort det är det mycket möjligt att det blivit som med flyget i Houston som jag berättade om!!! Hoppas din hemresa också är på gång. Önskar dig och din familj en härlig resa till Paris, Disneyland och underbara Spanien. Allt gott! Hälsar Sara & Stilton. PS: Hör av er till mig på om ni vill ha tips om Paris eller Malaga-området! 🙂


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