Personal Leadership

I while back i got an call from an CEO of an big Hospital in Sweden. She wanted  me to have an workshop for her and an group of executives about leadership. 

I told her that leadership is easy, just do what you say! 

This is so very easy to tell anyone else what or how to behave then to the same things yourself. I do this every day, the thing is though, to develop you need to know yourself and your strengths and your growing opportunity’s. I believe that this is getting more and more rare these days. 100 years back you learned from the elders and their experience. It was less noice around you, there was time to think, reflekt and to learn to know yourself.

Take Benjamin Franklin for example, he developt 14 core things that he thought was crucial to succed both as an human being and in his career. He focused on one per month and rated himself on where he stood, so simple and so powerful.

An simple way to improve this:

1. Write down your 5 core values
2. Rate your self on these 5 on an scale from 1-10, 10 being worldclass!
3. Write down one specific thing or behavior to work on the following month on each value.
4. I month later, do  the same thing over again.

This is an simple way to strengthen your self esteem and the way you see your self and how others see you.
Good Luck with your Personal Leadership!!


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