How to create time for where you want to spend it

The last post, Money over Time with our kids created some debate. Perfect, that’s what i want. For it is when everybody is doing the same things we should be worried.
And that is just why i wrote the last post, Money over time with our kids.

Most people i know in Sweden and in other country’s are feeling stressed, they say they don´t have time, that it is so much to DO. Well i just ask then, are you spending the time in Doing stuff you love as much as possible?

I met a guy last week i know pretty well, i asked him how Christmas had been and when he is starting to work again after the holidays, his answer was, ” i am going back to the hellhole tomorrow” I asked why it was like that, his reply ” well, i got to pay the bills”. And well, we got bills most of us that we got to pay but, is everyone of those necessary? 
I mean, back up for just 30-40 years when i was a kid just to get some perspective.

At that time we didn´t have most of the following things:
– gym card, we played and exercised in the natur or played sports 
– washing machine, had time for washing the dishes
– microwave, better food??
– mobile phones, these are great if you use it right
– computers, see above
– IPads
– two or more cars
– Wii, PlayStation or XBOX ( maybe one )
– travelled 2-3 times a years as many do

I mean, add a couple of those up and you got a lot of money. So if you want to create more time for yourself, take a look at your bills and see were you can take away some of them, maybe you can work less, invest or do something else with the money.

Give yourself a great day and spend your time wisely!

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