Money over Time with our kids

I left of my little boy to preschool the other day. He was crying all the way down screaming and saying ” i want to be home , i want to be home with you and mom”

The feeling that went through my heart was like a knife. I promised myself that i will do all i can to create a life that makes it possible to spend time with the most precious people in my life, my two wonderful kids and my lovely wife!

Where is the world heading when we leave our kids to other adults to teach them their values, what is right and wrong and most of all, spend the majority of the day with my kids?

We choose money, Iphones, multiple cars, trips that is possible to take after we have borrowed money on our kreditcards to be able to go so we don´t have to be embarrassed when our best friends say their going where ever they are going.

A great Swedish singer/songwriter was well ahead of the time when he 20 years ago wrote, ” we got to buy ourself to death so we can work ourself to death, just so everybody can see us”  He is spot on!!

So from now on i will choose my family over money as much as i can, i will choose people over  money as much as possible, i still want to travel, i want great Mac computers, but i will choose the essential!

Make a choice today!

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